Jan 24th 2019

Creating access-level agreements: A guide to selling your brain instead of your time

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Creating access-level agreements for clients can be rewarding to both the professional firm and the clients they serve. In today’s accounting profession landscape, especially with the growing trend of adding additional client advisory services (CAS) to a practice, implementing some level of access-level agreements in your practice could be good for all parties involved.

Getting a good overview what access-level agreements are all about is a great start. In this FREE content guide, you’ll get that start and discover:

  • The philosophy around an access-level agreement
  • How to put these philosophies into action as you draft your first access-level agreement
  • Best practices on setting the pricing of your access-level agreements
  • Some helpful thoughts and tips on implementing an access-level agreement to your clients for the first time

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Creating access-level agreements

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