Client Service Is Accounting Firms’ Greatest Competitive Weapon

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Competition is heating up for accounting firms. How can firms respond? Master client service like never before. Here’s how.

The competitive landscape for accounting firm is tougher than it has ever been, with client support becoming commoditized and potential clients increasingly turning to online alternatives. Firms need to protect their revenue and find a way to continue to drive new business. 

The best way for firms to firms to secure their futures is to differentiate themselves by becoming masters of client service. Nothing can replace the personal relationships of trust firms establish with their clients. Now is the time for firms to focus on strengthening those relationships by obsessively focusing on serving clients. 

Mastering client service requires firms to undergo both cultural and technological shifts—and to take some risks. But that to it successfully will reap rewards while those that don’t are more likely to struggle.

In this eBook, discover: 

  • Why the competitive landscape for firms is tougher than it has ever been before 
  • 3 steps firms can take to master client service quickly and effectively 
  • Why client service is now the most effective competitive weapon firms have 


Accounting isn’t just a January-March profession—or at least it shouldn’t be for firms that want to survive and grow. Accounting firms today have all sorts of competition and not just from each other. Individuals and some small businesses have begun doing accounting functions themselves using online services. That’s cutting into the demand for traditional firms.

Beyond that, competition among firms is becoming fiercer. Compliance work is becoming more commoditized—a trend experts have been talking about for several years. One firm can steal business from another simply by offering lower fees for the same services. That ultimately leads to price wars, which hurts all firms by tightening profit margins and hindering growth.

How can accounting firms thrive in an environment that is increasingly squeezing their traditional business models? That’s where client service comes in.

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