Business Recovery Post-Pandemic

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Jun 2nd 2021

Learn to watch key economic indicators, get the facts on IRS stimulus plans, and discover new investment opportunities

The United States is a giant country with an economy to match, so you can't say that all small businesses suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Most industries affected by shutdowns did, but many online and niche companies flourished and had a busy year. 
The good news is that now, the post-pandemic recovery begins.  Are you ready to guide your clients thrive in 2021?

Noted columnist, Gene Marks CPA, shares his strategies to benefit your firms and your clients' businesses. 

What you'll learn

  • Key economic indicators to monitor growth
  • How to fuel SMB clients’ growth with federal stimulus programs
  • Employee and client benefits to make your services stand out
  • Technology to improve collaboration, security and more (and how to get that technology for free)
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