A Tax Professional’s Guide to Automating Tax

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May 4th 2022

How to Go From Book to Tax in Minutes, Not Hours

Each year, tax accountants brace themselves for the stress and long hours of tax season. The deluge of work that hits all at once, all with the same IRS-imposed deadline means tax teams must work heroic hours to get it all done.

You’re on this page because you feel the pain. And you have questions. Your tax team needs to find new ways to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. You need to automate tax, once and for all.

In this Guide You’ll Learn:

  • What’s at stake for tax professionals if the status quo continues.
  • A vision for automating tax.
  • What to look for in an effective solution.
  • How you and your firm will benefit from (finally) automating tax.
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