Nov 26th 2018

7 Questions to Help Grow Your Advisory Services

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With 93% of small businesses valuing accountants as their most valuable source of business advice, it seems as if the case for offering a more proactive service is made.  So why are relatively few firms making a real success from offering proactive services?

For many the challenges are internal.  Clear thinking is required to define the new services and to deliver them effectively.

Our friends at the Sage and their partners at Boomer Consulting may have the answer.

This whitepaper breaks down the seven questions you need to ask yourselves and your team to kickstart the process of adding advisory services to your firm. Including:

  • Defining your story - How do you blend the needs of your client with your skill set to build a relevant service stack
  • Understanding the value you offer - and how to articulate that to your clients
  • What new internal processes do you need?  And how do you define those to reduce disruption
  • How do you price and package any new services to make them understandable and buyable?

And much more.

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