5 Tips for Investing in New Business Technology Wisely—Right Now

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2021 is the year to invest in technology that will help your business grow and run more efficiently. Learn how to choose wisely. 

Deciding on the right technology strategy is one of the most important things a business or firm owner can do. The right investment will spur growth. The wrong one could lead to disappointing returns. 

So, how can business and firm owners acquire and implement the right technology without breaking the bank or burdening their staff? In this eBook, Gene Marks, CPA and noted small-business expert, shares 5 “imperatives” every business owner must consider when looking for new technology. Read it to discover: 

  • How to evaluate return on investment in new technology 
  • What the impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence is today  
  • How other businesses have wisely invested in technology and the benefits they’ve enjoyed  


Most small business owners today take advantage of new applications and devices. They know that making the right investments in technology will contribute to their companies’ long-term success. And they’re spending. According to B2B research and review firm Clutch, more than half of small businesses with a budget (54 percent) say that their 2021 budget will be larger than their 2020 budget. These people get it.  

But the challenge is not deciding to invest; it’s deciding where to invest. What’s the best use of your limited resources? What technologies are imperative for your long-term success? That’s what we’ll discuss in this eBook.

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