5 Steps to Switching to a Virtual Tax Firm

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Starting a tax practice is a large undertaking that requires a lot of strategic thinking, but a virtual tax practice has even more aspects to consider.

Across the US, firms are battling to find the new normal after suddenly and unexpectedly having to "go virtual," but what if you decide to make the switch more permanent?  

This guide by experts at Canopy Tax and the legendary Jason M. Blumer, CPA -- a veteran of remote team work -- explains the thinking and processes you should employ to build a resilient and profitable virtual firm.

The approach you'll discover within includes some important lessons for those struggling to manage in the short term, too.

Inside you'll learn:

  • How to form your vision and values to provide guidelines for managing the change
  • How to reimagine your client base in a way that best suits the virtual practice
  • How your team structure might look, and how that may differ from your current setup 
  • To answer crucial questions about your marketing plan and the technology stack that you will need to make your virtual practice better than your traditional one

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