5 Business Owners Share Post-COVID Work/Life Balance Tips

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Jul 29th 2021

Five business owners share the tools, habits and technology that have helped them ease into a manageable post-COVID routine.

All signals point to a return to business as usual. Unfortunately, business as usual isn’t always easy.  
In an always-connected, work-from-everywhere era—Is it even possible to run a successful practice, or effectively manage a book of business, without getting burnt out? 
In this eBook, Gene Marks, CPA and noted small-business expert, talks to five business owners about how they deal with the stress of running companies now and still manage to have happy, fulfilling lives outside of work. 
Learn what his work/life balance subjects all had in common—and their advice for any professional seeking a healthier daily routine, including:

  • The difference between finding time and making time 
  • How prioritizing mental health achieves better results at work 
  • The unexpected link between work/life balance and remote access technology 


Achieving Work/Life Balance, Post-Pandemic: How 5 Business Owners Are Doing It, and What You Should Be Doing

There’s been a lot of attention on the mental health of workers and employees, and of course this is a very important issue. But what sometimes gets missed is the mental health of the business owners who employ them.

Running a small business is very difficult and can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health. We know this. We live it every day. So what can a business owner do to achieve a better work/life balance and improve their own mental health?

To answer that, author Gene Marks took the question to five business owners around the country to see what they’re doing. Because there’s nothing better than learning from people living it.

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