4 Ways Accounting Firms Can Make Employee Accountability Less Painful

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Mar 29th 2022

Want to keep your best employees? Rethink how you evaluate their performance. Learn how to make employee accountability more human. 

White Paper CoverGood employees are hard to find and harder to keep. Your veteran workers are the most important resource your firm has. If you’re relying on annual reviews and other antiquated methods to evaluate their performance, you risk alienating and losing them. 

The phrase employee accountability makes a lot of people cringe, but it doesn’t have to. Done well, measuring employee accountability can be part of a process of making a firm more human—and making employees happier, more productive and more likely to stay.  

  • In this eBook, learn why rethinking employee accountability is so important, and how to review and overhaul your processes for evaluating employees.
  • How important employee accountability is for retention 
  • Why employees hate traditional review processes 
  • How to take simple, no-cost steps to make your accountability processes more human 


The phrase “employee accountability” makes a lot of people cringe. For workers and managers alike, it conjures up images of awkward annual reviews and tense conversations. However, the current struggle to find and retain employees has business owners and managers rethinking the concept of employee accountability—for the better.  

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