QuickBooks Tutorial 2-8: Creating Mailing Labels

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Step 1: Open Label Selection Window

From the File menu, choose Print Forms. A side menu will appear. Choose Labels. The Select Labels to Print window will appear.

Step 2: Choose Label List

If you choose the Name option, you can click the down arrow and select an individual name, or choose all names, all vendors, all customers/jobs, all employees, all other names, or you can choose Multiple Names to create a customized list of names. If you choose Multiple Names, the Select Name window will appear.

Step 3: Select Names

When the Select Name window appears, you can click on each name that you wish to include in your mailing label list. Each time you click on a name that name will receive a checkmark next to it. If you click on a name you don’t want to include, click on it again to remove the checkmark. Click OK when you have completed your selection.

Step 4: Make Other Selection Options

Instead of selecting labels by names, you can choose to print labels for customers by type or vendors by type of customer.

Step 5: Choose Zip Code Option

Check the Zip Code checkbox to indicate a particular zip code for your mailing labels. Only names with a zip code equal to the zip code you enter will be included in your mailing labels.

Step 6: Choose Sort Option

You can choose to sort your mailing labels alphabetically by name (the default), or chronologically by zip code.

Step 7: Print Ship To Addresses

If you check the “Print Ship To addresses where available” checkbox, the mailing labels will contain Ship To addresses in lieu of mailing addresses wherever a Ship To address exists in your data records.

Step 8: Execute Print Command

Click the OK button to open the Print Labels window. Choose a label format from those listed in the drop-down list. Click the Print button in that window to execute the label print.


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