Working With Employee Morale

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As a manager, you know that employee morale can work for you or against you. When employee morale is high, so is productivity and vice versa.

What makes employee morale go south is another idea completely. It could be a result of any one of hundreds of workplace situations. Do you have a partner or manager who disrupts your work environment? Do employees feel unappreciated? Your role as a manager is to ferret out these issues and put employee morale back on top.

Figuring out the root of the problem can be a challenge. Sometimes, the only way to uncover the problem is to ask your employees to tell you. This can be a difficult (and uncomfortable) situation for you and for them. When you ask for their honest feedback, you risk discovering that you may be part of the problem. Your employee faces similar concerns. Should they offer honest criticism and risk retaliation, or keep silent?

This dowloadable and freefile contains a sample script that is designed to help you obtain useful feedback from your employees. This script will give you ideas of what to say to assure employees that their input is valued, and a variety of issues that might be of concern. The file is formatted for Word 6.0.

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