Summer Career Opportunities Prepare Students for Future

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For those high school and college graduates wanting to get a jump on their futures, working vacations, internships, or summer career camps may be right up your alley. The Miami Herald reports that the realities of today’s job market and career opportunities can be striking but beneficial to those who bypass the long, hot, summer days at the beach.


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Deborah Chereck told the Associated Press, “This year feels better than recent years. I think the marketplace in the Northwest – and nationally in general – is seeing improvement.” Chereck is the director of the University of Oregon at Eugene’s Career Office.

Training and educational courses are available for those hungry to learn. These can be domestic or international opportunities in accounting, teaching, or training as a safari guide, according to the Miami Herald.

Internships may be offered to college and high school students by local businesses. Internships are a close and personal view into an industry you might be interested in or a particular company’s corporate culture. The Miami Herald reports that career counselors should be able to share lists of companies and organizations that may offer these opportunities.

Working vacations may be available locally, nationally, and internationally, according to the Miami Herald. Volunteering with a special group will allow you the opportunity to work with others of similar interests. The coordinating organizations typically provide lodging and some meals, while transportation and other costs are typically covered by the volunteer.

These opportunities are all available for those who search for them. Exploring a field that may become your career path is a good way to start building a resume, as well as earning money for another year of college or saving toward college if you are still in high school, according to the Associated Press. Most of these opportunities can be applied for using the Internet.

“I sent about 10 e-mails asking for application deadlines and requirements, applied for six or seven jobs and heard back from four organizations,” Boston College junior Dana Latson told the Associated Press. She checked her college’s career center, as well as web postings. Networking is an important skill to develop, also.

Doing your homework before your interview is important. Peter Handal, told the Associated Press, “Go on to the Internet, Google the company, go to the company’s web site.” Handal continued, “Talk to your parents, their friends, people at church or temple, neighbors, teachers,” to help begin your job search. Handal is the chairman and chief executive of Dale Carnegie Training.

Handal emphasized that discouragement is part of a job search. He said, “Don’t make one call and get turned off if they say. ‘Sorry, we don’t have anything right now.' If it’s a job you really want, be persistent.” Handal offered, “A lot of students are creating their own internships – often without pay – to create a resume that will help when they look for a permanent job,” according to the Associated Press.

Jim Sullivan told Diamondback Online, “The importance of having an internship before getting a job is increasing. More businesses are requiring students to have experience in the field before taking on the job.” He continued, “There are a lot of internships out there, but students have to be more open to different opportunities, such as considering unpaid internships. It’s really up to the student to start early, apply themselves and find a good internship.” Sullivan is the associate director of the Career Center at the University of California at Berkeley.

Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington, has been taking extra steps to ensure its place in the global marketplace. “We’re at the gateway of the Pacific Rim, and Washington trades with China. We have the responsibility to educate our students about China,” said Josephine Yung, the dean of International Education, speaking with the Olympian. Saint Martin’s business and finance school undertook this exchange.

The university has sent faculty to China to teach three classes a semester, including one general class from different departments and two business classes for about five years, according to the Olympian. The Shanghai Maritime University and the Wuhan University of Technology have about 1,200 students enrolled in the three-year exchange program that includes one year of intensive English classes. Sha Li, an exchange student from Shanghai Maritime said, “Our companies have to trade with other countries. You can succeed if you know English.”

“They are studying Western business practices as a transition to a market-based economy,” added Riley Moore, assistant professor of economics and finance, as well as the director of international business programs at Saint Martin’s. Sha Li told the Olympian, “Because we are majoring in accounting, we need to learn American-style accounting. It’s different from Chinese-style accounting.”

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