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Accounting firms and businesses across the nation hire numerous student interns every year, but how much experience are these students receiving, and how do you know if you are providing them the path they truly want and the tools they need for their chosen profession?

Choosing an internship is just as tricky. Most students get help from counselors at their school - but here's an opportunity to take matters into your own hands, learn about how internships work, and search for the internship that will get you the experience you want.

A new Web site called, started by a group of Carnegie Mellon University students, strives to help interns by evaluating numerous companies and internship programs. Anyone seeking an internship can search by company or review.

This site also provides information to employers to help gauge what kind of guidance could be offered, as well as get a handle on how other companies run their intern programs. Companies looking for interns can search through the resumes submitted to the site.

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