Overcoming Attendance Problems: Free Report

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"Overcoming Attendance Problems" shines the legal spotlight on mistakes managers can make - and how to avoid them - when dealing with absenteeism and tardiness problems, especially regarding Family and Medical Leave Act and Workers' Comp requirements, along with pitfalls that exist when absenteeism decisions bump up against other anti-discrimination laws.

Every time an employee takes an unexpected day off, it not only disrupts your company's schedule, it also wastes company cash.

Plus, you have to deal with complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other federal and state laws the come into play.

Read this report and you'll learn:

  • three tips that will help keep you out of legal trouble when creating and implementing a call-in policy;
  • how and when you have to accommodate an employee's religious beliefs, to stay out of court;
  • seven do's and don'ts for disciplining attendance offenders without landing in a lawsuit;
  • how to avoid retaliation claims when using a points-based attendance policy;
  • eight questions to help conduct your own tardiness and absenteeism audit; and
  • three elements you should consider adding to your company tardiness policy.

Start preventing costly absenteeism and tardiness today by downloading AHI's free report "Overcoming Attendance Problems." Note: Free registration is required.

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