New MACPA e-Book Focuses on CPA Leadership, Foresight, and Lifelong Learning

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The conversation among CPAs today has gone well beyond technical issues. Today's CPAs need to know how to collaborate, connect, innovate, and inspire.

For the past six years, Bill Sheridan has been examining those issues in the pages of the Maryland Association of CPAs' (MACPA) acclaimed blog",CPA Success." Now, Sheridan has compiled some of those best lessons and stories into a new e-book, Look, Lead, Love, Learn: Four Steps to Better Business, a Better Life  and Conquering Complexity in the Process. The e-book is available on

"When we launched CPA Success six years ago (MACPA Executive Director) Tom Hood and I wanted to start a conversation about CPAs' expanding role as trusted business advisors. To a large extent, our blog has accomplished that. But something happened along the way. The blog's mission changed", writes Sheridan, the MACPA's chief communications officer and a certified association executive.

"It had to", he continues. "The world became a much more complex place, and our members felt the stress that always rides shotgun with massive change. CPA Success became a place where Tom and I could shift the conversation to issues that are complicating our members' lives – the changing face of leadership, the growing importance of lifelong learning, the generational differences, the game-changing potential of social media, and the legislative or regulatory changes that impact CPAs."

Look, Lead, Love, Learn is a collection of just a few of those lessons.

As the title suggests, the e-book includes four sections:

  1. "Look" is about foresight – the critical task of waking ourselves up, gazing to the horizon, and see what's coming at us. 
  2. "Lead" focuses on the changing nature of leadership – more communication and collaboration, less command and control.
  3. "Love" is our human side. We're here to serve, not be served. Once we learn that, the world is ours.
  4. "Learn" is the key to everything. When change is a constant, the most important skill we possess is the ability to learn new skills.

For the next generation of leaders, these traits will be second nature, almost involuntary. Sheridan's stories – culled from the pages of CPA Success – book show us why.

The book is available now on Amazon

Source: MACPA

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