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How to Create a Mentoring Program in Your Firm


Whether you're looking to grow managers at your firm or improve onboarding new employees, a successful mentoring program can benefit your firm and your teammates. In this article, Jacqueline Lombardo of Boomer Consulting shares her tips for creating a mentoring program that will last.

Jan 14th 2022
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Mentoring programs in the workplace have a variety of benefits, from employee retention and career planning to workplace inclusivity and leadership development. While a successful mentorship program can benefit your organization, creating and successfully implementing one can be challenging. On the bright side, there is a tested path to creating a mentoring program in your firm that will benefit all involved. 

8 Tips for Creating a Successful Mentoring Program 

If you want to create a successful mentoring program, these tips will help you get started.  

1. Define the program's goals and objectives 

What do you want employees to get out of this program? A successful program starts with knowing the goal. 

Whether you're looking to develop managers, improve onboarding, transfer knowledge or boost retention – there's a way to structure your program to meet those goals. Gather the stakeholders involved in the program creation and come to a clear definition of what your mentorship program will accomplish. 

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