Executives Reveal Their 'Dream Jobs' In Recent Career Survey

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According to a survey conducted by BusinessWeek Research Services, 72 percent of 500 senior-level business executives surveyed said their current position is not their "dream job," and many named creative professions when asked their fantasy careers. Those surveyed included CEOs, presidents, controllers, department managers and consultants, and although many of them have reached top positions in their fields, they still dream of a fantasy career.

When asked what they considered to be a "dream job," nearly one-third of the business executives named entertainment/events producer, followed by winemaker or brewmaster (30 percent) and chef or restaurateur (24 percent).

A career as a pilot or a golf pro appealed equally to more than 1 in 5 survey respondents, (22 percent), while a vocation in fashion design was the least popular (8 percent) among those surveyed. Other notable individual responses to the 'dream job' question included: professional athlete; rock star; neurosurgeon; and bed and breakfast inn owner/operator, among others.

When the respondents were asked to describe their current position, 45 percent called it "challenging," while others described their current job as "demanding" (34 percent) or "frustrating" (31 percent). Only 14 percent called their jobs "innovative."

With the presidential campaign heating up, respondents were asked which business leader would get their vote during a hypothetical run for the nation's top job. Executives who participated in the survey said they would most likely elect Warren Buffet (60 percent), Jack Welch (42 percent) or Lou Gerstner (32 percent), should they run for president. If the tables were turned, a remarkable 61 percent said Rudy Giuliani would make the most effective business executive, followed by Alan Greenspan (53 percent) and Bill Clinton (34 percent). Only 15 percent of respondents said George W. Bush would be a top business executive, while eight percent named John Kerry.

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