Day 73: Lunchtime Workout

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Try this twenty-minute walking and aerobic workout during your lunch break!  

Step 1: Walk for five minutes.

Step 2: Do twenty to thirty forward-moving lunges. Keep the weight in your heels and don’t let your front knee go below a ninety-degree angle.

Step 3: Walk for two minutes.

Step 4: Do ten to twenty frog jumps going forward. Bend your knees before jumping, explode up and forward, and land on your heels – not your toes! 

Step 5: Walk for two minutes.

Step 6: Side shuffle, with your knees slightly bent, for one minute leading off with your right leg. Repeat, leading off with your left leg.

Step 7: Walk for two minutes.

Step 8: Do twenty to thirty jumping jacks. 

Step 9: Walk for two minutes.

Step 10: March in place for one minute, lifting your knees up to hip level.

Step 11: Walk for two minutes.


Stay Fit and Healthy! 

Cindy Whitmarsh

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About Cindy:

Cindy Whitmarsh is an 18-year veteran fitness professional. She has a bachelor's degree in corporate and community fitness/nutrition from North Dakota State University, and she holds credentials of ACE Certified Fitness Instructor, ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight management, and NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist. She has appeared in multiple infomercials, ExerciseTV features, and various news and fitness segments, is the author of "101 Ways to Workout with Weights" as well as two ultrafit cookbooks, and is a nutrition/fitness consultant to many athletes including San Diego Charger football players, San Diego Charger girls, and professional baseball players. For more information, visit her website or contact Cindy at [email protected] or (858) 945-6448.

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