Day 55: Sitting Is a Pain in the Butt

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Sore buttock muscles are a pain in the butt. Here are some tips for relieving and preventing the discomfort.

Tip 1: Stand up every 30 minutes and stretch.

Tip 2: Purchase a pressure-relieving gel cushion. 

Tip 3: Stand while you’re reading e-mail and talking on the phone.

Tip 4: Take a brief walk, even if it’s just across the hall to talk to a coworker.

Tip 5: Trade in your chair for a large stability ball. 

Tip 6: Convert your workspace to a standing desk. There are several on the market or, with a bit of ingenuity, you can create your own.

Tip 7: Work on your posture. Don’t sit toward the front of your chair – you end up hunched over. Sit back and utilize your chair’s lumbar support to keep your head and neck erect.

Tip 8: Pump out a few squats to stretch your butt muscles.

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