Day 31: Your Tired Eyes

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Studies show that more than 50 percent of computer users experience eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, and other visual symptoms. This type of stress on the visual system can also cause body fatigue and reduced efficiency at work. Here are two exercises that will help revive those tired eyes.

Palming – This exercise will relax and energize your eyes.

Step 1: Rub your hands together until they feel warm (about fifteen to twenty seconds).

Step 2: Place your cupped hands over your closed eyes, being careful not to touch your eyes with the palms of your hands. The fingers of each hand should overlap and rest gently on the center of your forehead. 

Step 3: Sit quietly for one to two minutes with your hands over your eyes. The more relaxed you become, the blacker the darkness you’ll see with your eyes closed.

Near-Far Focus – This exercise will improve your eye flexibility.

Step 1: Hold your thumb six inches from your nose.

Step 2: Focus on your thumb.

Step 3: Take one deep breath and exhale slowly.

Step 4: Now focus on an object about ten feet away.

Step 5: Take another deep breath and slowly exhale.

Step 6: Repeat back-and-forth fifteen times.

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