Day 23: Blow It Off

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Not only is deep breathing an excellent stress reducer, it benefits your entire body. When you breathe deeply, endorphins are released throughout your body (and heaven knows you need those during tax season). In addition, the movement of the diaphragm helps remove toxins in the body and promotes better blood flow.

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position with your hands on your knees and your shoulders relaxed.

Step 2: Breathing begins with exhaling; you can't fully inhale until you empty your lungs completely.

Step 3: Breathe in through your nose.

Step 4: Exhale slowly through your nose for the count to five as you tighten your abdominal muscles. 

Step 5: At the end of your breath, pause for two counts. 

Step 6: Inhale slowly while you count to five, expanding your belly as you breathe in.

Step 7: Close your eyes and repeat five to ten times. 

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