Day 18: Side Stretches

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Stretching feels good and helps you become more flexible. Here's a stretch for your sides.

Step 1: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. 

Step 2: Place your hands on your hips.

Step 3: Reach toward the ceiling with your right arm. 

Step 4: Keep your right arm extended and gently bend sideways from your waist to the left as far as you can. If you're a beginner, don't push yourself too hard – you just want to feel a gentle stretch. 

Step 5: Hold for the count of five, then return to your starting position (with the right arm extended toward the ceiling). 

Step 6: Place your right hand back on your hip. 

Step 7: Repeat the exercise using your left arm.

While you're performing this exercise, it's important to breathe. Breathe in as you reach for the ceiling, let your breath out as you bend to the side, and breathe in again as you return to your standing position (the arm extended toward the ceiling).

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