Day 13: Go Mental

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SparkPeople Coach, Joe Downie, suggests five minutes of mental or physical activity for every hour you spend at the computer. People who sit at desks and computers for hours on end are the most prone to low energy and dwindling production.

Here are some of Joe's ideas:

1. Do word puzzles – crosswords, word finds, even a jigsaw puzzle.

2. Fill out a Mad Lib with a coworker. A little laughter can improve your mood and decrease stress instantly.

3. Rearrange your office.

4. Draw something. Let your mind create.

5. Stand perfectly still for two minutes. Just regroup.

6. Do some deep breathing exercises or quiet meditation.

7. Make an inkblot with a folded piece of paper and liquid ink. Han fun with what you see in the blot.

See the complete library of Workplace Fitness exercises.


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