Customer Service is a Core Value, not a Core Chore

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Take Marketing 101 and the textbook will tell you that good customer service is one of the primary components of any operation, but what about customer service within CPA firms or CPA-owned businesses?

It shouldn't be any different. In fact, customer service-as a component of marketing-should be part of the businesses' core values, right alongside ethics, abilities and other traits.

Marketing experts also say that if customer service is at the core of a business, then employees undoubtedly will know how to face any situation, regardless if they believe they can't help the customer in various circumstances. Instead, employees will rely on their knowledge of the company itself, falling back on the components of good service and related issues.

Testimonials also helps spread the word. Try asking employees for specific customer service stories they can share with others to encourage everyone to work together on behalf of the company.

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