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Whether you are writing your resume for the first time or updating an existing resume, you'll find that there is usually room for improvement. Once you've written your resume, consider showing it to someone else (such as a professor, former employer, or professional in the field in which you are applying) to get their input.

There is a plethora of information available on the Web these days about how to write the perfect resume. Here are some of the top tips for today's resumes:

·         Use specific titles that describe the job you're looking for.

·         Make your resume neat and graphically pleasing.

·         Use statements that specifically describe your skills and experience.

·         Include descriptions of how your particular skills can be useful in the job you seek.

·         Read ads to identify key words that describe the jobs you want, then incorporate those words into your resume.

·         Try to identify what your employer really needs and then word your resume descriptions to show how you can effectively fill those needs.

·         Target your resume and cover letter to the job/employer you seek.

·         Proofread!

·         Include professional goals and job objectives.

·         Include specific achievements.

·         Be honest.

·         Don't leave gaps of time between jobs or education without describing what you were doing during those gaps.

·         Include descriptions of education still in progress (e.g. date you expect to earn a degree).

·         Include descriptions of languages you speak and other multicultural skills.

·         If sending a resume via e-mail, confirm the format in which it should be sent (e.g. Microsoft Word), then confirm that the resume was received and was readable.

·         Include a summary of your qualifications.

You'll find additional resume-building tips by following these links to sites that provide resume-writing information:

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