Beta Alpha Psi announces Medal of Inspiration program

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Beta Alpha Psi, the honors organization for Financial Information students and professionals, has announced a new program for the 2007-2008 year, the Medal of Inspiration. The 2008 regional and annual meetings will focus on the theme: "Good to Great: From Student to Professional." Beta Alpha Psi students are already "good" students. They have strong GPAs, they contribute to their communities through service, and demonstrate commitment to professional ideals and ethics. The organization wants to encourage students to go the next level and strive to be "great." An integral part of this encouragement is for students to hear life stories of other students who have been particularly inspirational.

In the Medal of Inspiration program, Beta Alpha Psi and the AICPA are jointly sponsoring a program whereby such inspirational stories can be shared, thereby encouraging others to reach within and find the "greatness" in themselves.

Criteria and Eligibility

Current Beta Alpha Psi students are encouraged to nominate either themselves or another current Beta Alpha Psi student. A nominee is eligible as long as the student receives his or her degree no earlier than December 31, 2007. Students who receive their degree prior to that date are ineligible. Nominees will be required to write an essay describing their inspirational experience. (Note: Students nominated by others will be required to write the essay themselves to ensure accuracy in the facts presented.)

There are two criteria whereby students can win. First, they may have experienced extreme hardships in their lives in pursuing their education and demonstrated an unusually high level of success in spite of that adversity. Or, second, they may have done something particularly inspirational in the course of their young lives that had tremendous impact on someone else's life. Either path is acceptable for award consideration. Students are encouraged to participate in the program, not to bring honor or glory to themselves, but to inspire students to want to affect on the world around them in a positive way.

Winners will be selected by a panel of Beta Alpha Psi Board and/or Advisory Forum members and a representative of the AICPA. A maximum of three students in a given region may be selected as regional winners, though some regions may have only one or two winners. Regional winners will share their stories at the Beta Alpha Psi spring regional meetings and are finalists for the international award. From these finalists, the panel will select the three most inspirational stories. These three students will receive the "Medal of Inspiration" award at the Beta Alpha Psi 2008 annual meeting. The three international Medal of Inspiration winners will receive a cash scholarship award of $5,000 each, made possible with funding from the AICPA.

The deadline for entries is midnight, December 1, 2007. Regional winners will be notified by January 15, 2008. International winners will be notified by June 1, 2008, and the international awards will be presented at the BAP 2008 annual meeting in Anaheim, CA on August 9. Read more about the Medal of Inspiration and download an application form.

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