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I am writing this today to thank you for your support as we mark and celebrate together the beginning of AccountingWEB's third year of providing service to the accounting profession.

What started as an email newswire and a simple web site has evolved into a thriving online community with tools and resources available that help us fulfill our vision of being a vibrant resource to help contribute to your success.

Take a moment now to scan through what's available to you, and follow the various links to learn more. Most of the resources on the site are accessible only to registered members, so if you see the word "Visitor" in the upper left-hand corner of this page instead of your name, you'll have to either login now or register as a new member to see all of what's available to you.

As always, I invite you to contact me directly with any feedback – positive or negative – so that we may continue to improve this service to the profession.

With all the good stuff we've brought to the profession in our first two years, my pledge to you is this: "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Mike Platt, CEO
AccountingWEB, Inc.

Make Sure You're Familiar With These AccountingWEB Resources!

1. Weekly Friday News Wrap Up

AccountingWEB's inaugural newswire went out on July 22, 1999 to about 350 people (yes, most were friends and family!) Today, our Two Year Anniversary Special Edition newswire is being sent to over 30,000! AccountingWEB has received national acclaim for the ease-of-use and quick value provided by the Weekly Wrap-Up Newswire, which comes out each Friday.

2. Weekly Resource Guide

AccountingWEB launched the weekly Resource Guide in June of 2001 providing our members with numerous resources and products available to them. Whether you are a CPA, CFO or college student, the AccountingWEB Resource Guide will assist you in your research and day-to-day operations. Look for it in your e-mail box on Tuesdays.

3. AccountingWEB Online Workshops

The AccountingWEB Workshop Series continues to attract the best and brightest. AccountingWEB has hosted over 100 online workshops with the experts who are changing the way the profession operates. Full transcripts of all these sessions are just a click away.

4. Daily News and Trends

Accounting provides five new stories live on the site each day. Whether you are looking for the top accounting news, practice ideas, or business ideas, we are dedicated to providing you daily news and articles from around the profession. Check the site daily for what's hot.

AccountingWEB Tidbit:

Registered membership has topped 32,000 accounting professionals!

5. Recent AccountingWEB Products & Services

Client Newsletter Content Package - Looking for content for your client newsletter, e-mail updates or for your web site? Now you can get the valuable business ideas and tips that you've come to expect from AccountingWEB, written specifically with a client twist that you can use as is or edit freely. Starting at $42 per month.

New Tax Legislation Summary - AccountingWEB has developed a Tax Legislation Summary that is available for use in client publications, firm newsletters or other client correspondence, and comes complete with an HTML document that you can paste right onto your web site. Just $79.

New Tax Legislation Client Seminar - You can also purchase a professionally prepared client seminar presentation that comes complete with speakers notes, client handouts and a PowerPoint presentation. Just $249 for members.

Industry Profiles to Hone Your Client Relationships - Prepare for sales calls or client meetings with one of over 100 industry profiles available through AccountingWEB. Just $99 each. Profiles are updated quarterly. Don't miss this opportunity.

6. Weekly Tips and Tricks

Quick business tips, presentation tips, Excel tips, writing tips and more are available for those of you who are looking for a quick idea that can save you time and money.

We appreciate the support of each one of the 27,000 people who visited our web site last month! Thank You!

7. Bring AccountingWEB to Your Next Meeting or Conference

AccountingWEB staff has participated as presenters at association meetings, AICPA conferences, firm retreats and staff meetings speaking on topics ranging from “What's Happening Around the Profession” to “How the Internet is Affecting the Accounting Profession” to “Building Client Communities” to simple overviews of how to get the most out of AccountingWEB. Contact the AccountingWEB office if you have a need for a speaker at an upcoming event. Call 1-317-876-7525.


Please take a moment to complete your Personal Profile so we can find out more about you and what kind of information is important to you. This is simply the quickest, easiest and most efficient way for AccountingWEB to continue offering a high quality service to you for free. Don't worry – we DO NOT sell or rent our membership lists to any third party, so your privacy won't be compromised. You have my word on that. Please take a moment now to complete your profile.

8. CPE - Take Online Training with AccountingWEB

Whether you are up against a tight reporting deadline for CPE, or simply prefer the comfort of home while you are studying, AccountingWEB's online CPE partners offer a number of accredited courses covering everything from GAAP to Sales Training. If you haven't tried online training yet, give it a go in the privacy of your own desktop.

9. IndustryZONE

If you have clients in a particular industry but do not have the time or the resources to develop a focused niche in your practice, let AccountingWEB's IndustryZONE provide the tools and resources you need to adequately understand and serve your industry clients. Nine industries are currently supported, with more on the way.

10. Advertising and Marketing

With access to over 30,000 accounting professionals each week, AccountingWEB has become a trusted source of news, ideas and information about suppliers to the profession. A variety of marketing opportunities will help you build brand awareness and develop sales opportunities among this highly targeted audience. Contact our Sales Department or review the opportunities online to see how we can assist you in marketing your product or service to the AccountingWEB members.

11. TaxZONE
It is our goal to provide the latest in tax news and useful tax resources, which are designed to make your job easier. AccountingWEB editors sift through a whole host of sources on the Web to bring you the stories, resources, and research materials that are of the most interest to our members.

Thank you very much for your time today in reviewing the many aspects of AccountingWEB and how it can help you do your job better. If you're interested in a more comprehensive list of developments, please visit our Press Room as well!

We are excited about the many new AccountingWEB member projects and tools planned for launch in the coming months, and we are sure that you will find them of value as you continue to grow in your business. We appreciate your enthusiasm for and feedback on AccountingWEB over the past two years, and look forward to the next two years of serving you and the profession.

The Staff of AccountingWEB
Summer, 2001


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