60 Percent Would Change Jobs If They Had a Do-over

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PARADE and Yahoo! Finance recently conducted their "Job Happiness Survey" - and the results are in. More than 26,000 people participated in the survey, and there's good news, bad news, and just plain interesting news.

Good news: 41 percent say they're confident they'll be employed for the next five years. 

Bad news: Nearly 60 percent said they'd change their career path if they had it to do over. 

Interesting news: 35 percent say they'd fire their boss if they could.

Following is a partial summary of questions asked and respondents' answers. You might find some of the statistics surprising.

How to people really get ahead on the job?

Hard work: 27 percent

Initiative: 18 percent

Creativity: 4 percent

Internal politics: 51 percent

Would you rather have a 5 percent raise or two more weeks of vacation?

Raise: 56 percent

Vacation: 44 percent

What would you improve first - your commute or your workspace?

Commute: 38 percent

Workspace: 62 percent

How often do you bring work home with you?

Every day: 13 percent

Often: 24 percent

Rarely: 36 percent

Never: 26 percent

Would you be friends with your colleagues if you didn't work with them?

Yes: 51 percent

No: 49 percent

What best describes your mood on Sunday night?

Excitement: 6 percent

Neutral: 51 percent

Minor dread: 34 percent

Despair: 9 percent

If you lost your job tomorrow, how many months of savings would you have to tide you over?

I have no savings: 27 percent

1-3 months: 26 percent

4-6 months: 15 percent

7-9 months: 5 percent

10-12 months: 8 percent

13-24 months: 6 percent

More than 2 years: 13 percent

At what age do you expect to fully retire?

Younger than 60: 13 percent

60-64: 20 percent

65: 15 percent

66-70: 28 percent

71-75: 12 percent

Older than 75: 13 percent

Want to take the survey? Go to the PARADE website - they want to hear from you!

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Source: PARADE and Yahoo! Finance Survey



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By Nathan Phillips
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

I think that whatever career I choose, I'll be satisfied with it.

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