4 Ways for Firms to Develop a Disciplined Approach to Success

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Accounting firms can learn a lot from others who are diligent with discipline in their fields. From running meetings to learning when to say no, a disciplined approach to day-to-day business practice can yield more work, higher returns, and an increased satisfaction among your clients.

Nurturing discipline in your firm’s culture helps everyone focus, laying the groundwork for success. It is easy to believe that success is the result of brilliance or that individuals who take their business to the next level have some innate skill that others lack.

The truth is much simpler and more hopeful, however – success comes most often through the practice and cultivation of discipline.

Mindset of the Best

All top performers practice discipline. For athletes, musicians, or any other field, this one characteristic stands out from others. Their lives are set up to reinforce discipline, surrounded by teams, schedules, and practices that remove guesswork – and as many excuses – as possible from their routines.

Discipline is a great way to allow you and your staff to relax because they have clear expectations and are aware of expectations. This facilitates more efficient scheduling with an emphasis on punctuality and clear processes.

Here are four healthy ways that accounting firms can develop a more disciplined mindset to their work environment:

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Rob Nixon

Rob Nixon is CEO and co-founder of Panalitix, a global membership community for practicing accountants as well as the author of 3 books ‘Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up’ - ‘Remaining Relevant’ and his most recent book 'The Perfect Firm'.


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