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Critical Conversation
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Your Firm Should Have This Critical Conversation


We know what you’re thinking: Can a simple client conversation really save my firm? It can and Jetpack Workflow CEO David Cristello tells you why it matters, what you can learn, and how to maximize the experience for your benefit and your theirs.

Jun 14th 2022
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As you start thinking about next tax season, consider this:  A timely client conversation could change the trajectory of your year and your firm.

We’re living in an era of constant change and often, chaos. For most, any chance to bring some structure and rhythm to the day-to-day challenges of business life would go a long way in curbing the chaos of life overall. Now that a new tax year is underway, it’s the ideal time to bring back control and confidence to client interactions.

In our work with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax firms of all dimensions, we see how work and data moves through these firms, and how some firms are able to engage at a whole other level with staff and clients.

After tax season closes, many firms hold a retrospective to really dive into what’s working and what needs to improve. It’s important to bring everyone together for critical learning and brainstorming that will drive improvements for this tax year and serve as a great retention tool.

To improve service delivery, there’s another crucial step to take, right now. It is bringing clients into the fold. As you gear up for the next tax season, gird the process with a candid conversation to ask your client how it’s going, what their plans are, where they see potential or pitfalls ahead.

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