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The Internet site, having been provided with access to the AICPA membership mailing list, has dispatched its position letter on the proposed global business credential, the Strategic Business Professional (IISBP).

This is the text of that letter:

Fellow AICPA Member and Fellow Trustworthy CPA:

Please, if you care at all about your profession, about your future, about your career, about the future careers of Certified Public Accountants, I beg you to keep reading this email. I have kept it short and sweet and provided links for more information. I know your time is extremely important, but this is a critical time for OUR profession.

In my humble opinion, if this credential is passed, I feel that it will cause confusion by our clients and employers in who we are and it will decrease dramatically the integrity of OUR profession. It allows NON CPAs to hold this credential.

The credential was not compared to MBA when surveys were done.

A study was undertaken to indicate that employers would pay a premium for this credential. But, honestly, do mere letters alone get you the job you want? No. You and your skills get you the job.

A common reason for the credential given is that our BRAND is out of date and cannot be stretched. The double entry system of Accounting was invented in 1494. The foundations of accounting then are amazing suitable to today's businesses. The recent Enron fiasco should awaken us to ensuring that foundations are not overlooked.

With only Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, France and Italy signed up, this is not a portable credential.

I am not ready to turn my back on a profession that I am so proud to be a part of. I feel that the AICPA is turning its back in setting up a trade association that will ultimately be twice the size of the AICPA.

We provide different services on a daily basis. But again, without a foundation, structures are not stable. We shouldn't turn our back on the bedrock just when we need it the most.

We aren't just a group of public accountants anymore. We have more CPAs in private industry but have not provided them with "value" for their membership. But the IISBP will not embrace our unique talents, but instead lump us together with Attorneys and Insurance Agents.

The AICPA has allowed us to take a stand. Let's get more informed and Stand up and be counted. Please, I beg you to click on any of the links on this page and get informed.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED ONE CPA AT A TIME. I cannot say it better than Lynn Turner to the American Accounting Association on August 12, 2001:

"If we build the public a quality product that works as advertised in the window, without gimmicks or hidden strings attached or recalls, and that is built upon the familiar and trustworthy CPA brand name, then our profession has nothing to worry about. It is what has created trust and confidence in our profession in the past and it must continue to be
what we remain focused on. I hope that with your efforts we can continue to build a product that the public is willing to buy from the CertifiedPublic Accountant."

Please join with me in building a quality product. THE TRUSTWORTHY CPA. Thank you for this opportunity in speaking with you.

Susan E. Bradley, CPA
Fresno, California

Download your ballot and vote NO!

If you have misplaced your ballot or you do not recall having received one, you can obtain a new one at the following AICPA website
It's my understanding that if you want to change your vote from that
previously submitted, you can do so by submitting a new ballot, bearing a notation directing the tabulators to change your vote to that indicated on the new ballot.

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