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Why You Should Fix Your Tax Season Workflow Now


Each year, it's crucial to examine how things went during the busy season. Your workflows could always use a critical eye, even if you think this tax season was better than last year's. Jim Scott, Managing Director of Accountancy at IRIS Software Group, offers his tips to improve your system.

Apr 21st 2022
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With the 2022 tax season behind us, now is the perfect time to start proactively planning for next year.

Starting now allows firms maximum time to ensure their management practices are up to date and efficient. Firm managers must learn from their previous mistakes and implement adequate solutions.

For accountants, tax season is stressful, requiring long hours and heavy workloads. There is no need to add the additional stressors of an inefficient workflow and poor communication. Begin working now to reduce and mitigate issues plaguing your firm before next January.    

Ensure Workflow Efficiency

The integrity and functionality of workflows are vital throughout the tax season to ensure all tasks are completed efficiently and without errors. Optimized workflows can be a powerful tool, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Different firms have different needs, so it is critical to tailor workflows to your specific requirements. Without workflow efficiency, you may sacrifice the quality and timeliness of work, putting you at risk of falling behind your competitors. 

The first step to establishing efficient workflows is to analyze the current systems in place. Ask yourself: Were last year's workflows efficient?

Has employee turnover from the previous year affected standard workflows? Then, evaluate your options. Test your ideas under different conditions. What happens when an employee is out sick? What happens if a sudden shift to remote work is required? 

Ensure workflows are robust and do not grind to a halt under any conditions, both plausible and implausible. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that situations once believed to be highly unlikely may occur again. 

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