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Intuit Keynote

Why Connections Matter in Accounting

Nov 6th 2018
Editorial Manager/US Team Lead
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While messages of embracing technology and expanding beyond compliance swirl around accounting professionals, leaders at Intuit believe connection is an equally important accomplishment.

The keynote addresses during the fifth annual QuickBooks Connect event this week drove home the idea that accountants need to not only make better connections with each other for growth in the profession, but also with their clients.

“This is a time for us to make connections among accounting professionals and the small businesses who have fear about moving forward, it’s scary being an entrepreneur,” said Ariege Misherghi, Intuit’s new Accountan t business leader. “Why shouldn’t you be optimistic, for every new accountant that enters the profession there are 500 new businesses to work with you.”

She continued to note that 3.4 million small businesses and self-employed individuals are on an Intuit product, 58 percent are connected to an accountant.

Driving the point home even further was Sasan Goodarzi, who is soon to be CEO of Intuit, noting that the lack of connection in the world of accounting and small business is something they are looking to fix.

“We were asked for access to customers who have demand for our product and access to experts,” he said. “We are working to better connect accountants and bookkeepers to small businesses through Smart Connections. You are part of an ecosystem and giant that is backing you.”

It was not lost on the crowd of nearly 5,000 QuickBooks Connect attendees that this would be the last event as CEO for Brad Smith, who joins the company’s board of directors in the New Year. He too joined in with the theme of making better connections in his parting words to conferees, who comprised small businesses and accountants.

“I want to encourage you to come together and not do things alone,” said Smith. “I encourage you to find the people and make the connections you need to succeed, that bridge will come in many forms.”

All of that aside, Intuit is a technology company and as such is offering technology to address the connection issues they claim businesses and accountants have. One key way is through providing QuickBooks Online Accountant users, with the addition of a Projects tab help accountants “dive in” to clients’ project profitability and, ultimately help them be better advisors.

Here is Ariege on some other ways she is looking to help accountants in her new role:

Here she explains how practice management capabilities in QBOA have evolved in the last year:

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