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What is the Obvious Opportunity CPAs are Missing?

Jan 18th 2019
Publisher AccountingWEB
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Thirty-two percent of accounting firms are already providing a hugely valuable service to their client and they're not making a dime from it. Even the 33 percent who DO charge aren't seeing significant income.

These are the early results of AccountingWEB's exclusive survey on how US firms handle queries from their clients about technology selection and implementation.

The survey, run in association with Zoho (makers of over 50 business apps, including Bookkeeping and CRM), looks at how firms are responding to the increasing number of technology queries they're receiving from their clients. The results so far suggest most (88 percent)  are receiving between one and ten technology-related queries per month already.

It's clear there's a growing demand, and the business opportunity is there. So, why are firms failing to meet it?

We'll bring you the full results and hopefully a clear answer to this question in February. If you haven't already, please take the survey yourself. You could win a $200 gift card!

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