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What Are Accountants Saying About Live Summit?


Words matter, especially in accounting -- a profession that relies so heavily on referrals. They count more from accountants themselves and can make or break software use, a client relationship and of course whether they attend a live event or not.

Apr 4th 2022
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A lot depends on whether accounting professionals attend a live event or not, especially after the past couple of years, but few factors matter more than word-of-mouth.

When we built the Agenda for AccountingWEB Live Summit, which offically runs May 9-12 in San Diego, we knew that was a key factor for our audience wanting to attend. Now that it's been public, as well as some of the social events and speakers that will be there, we're listening to what accounting professionals and influencers are saying.

In short, we're humbled and encouranged that we created something that will be meaningful. And that, to us, means everything because it is what we try to do here every day. In my 20 years covering the profession, I've been to plenty of accounting events and their success, like anything else I've mentioned, does indeed depend on what people say about them.

Now, we realize this is our first event out of the gate. It hasn't happened yet and we're unproven, maybe it's safer to just return to live events with what you already know and where people you know are going.

On that note, we thought we'd share with you just some of what people have been sharing on social media and hope you do decide to join us (if you have not already) so you can be talking about it as someone who attended and not missed out on something new.



The 2022 AccountingWEB Live Summit may be over, but you can join us in 2023! Pre-register today to be the first to know when tickets are on sale. You can find the form at