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AccountingWEB has compiled a list of the top selling books on the site. Browse through this selection and see if you need to add any of these books to your library. Just click on the hyperlinked titles, or on the book images below to find out more today!

In alphabetical order:

Accounting Best Practices

Accounting Best Practices provides you with the most advanced techniques and strategies available today to help your business cut costs and improve accounting operations–regardless of your company's size or holdings. Accounting expert Steven Bragg has updated the Second Edition to include fifty new best practices, expanded appendices, and a new chapter on finance. Featuring an easy-to-read format and covering a wide variety of accounting areas, this essential accounting reference will help enhance and optimize your financial bottom line.

Cookin' the Book$: Say Pasta la Vista to Corporate Accounting Tricks and Fraud

Don Silver has cooked up a little gem. Written at about the level of the Sunday funnies, a couple of hours with Cookin' the Book$ will give you the basics of Enron and WordCom style techniques. Sections include a Brief History of Cookin', Four Corporate Recipes for Cookin' the Books, 10 Ways Corporations Cook Revenues, Ways Corporations Cook Expenses and A Financial Defense 'Manual.' Chapters are a bite sized 2-5 pages.

Creating Rainmakers: The Manager's Guide To Training Professionals To Attract New Clients

Based on over 100 interviews with principals in professional firms, including many of today's preeminent rainmakers, Creating Rainmakers shows readers how to turn a professional staff into a powerful team of sales winners. The book covers generating leads, building strong network of contacts, mastering a variety of sales techniques, and plenty more.

Cross-Selling Success: A Rainmaker's Guide to Professional Account Development

CPAs, management consultants and other service professionals have long been loath to "sell" their services but - faced with an evaporating pool of new business pportunities - they may have to become more active in their "rainmaking" efforts. The benefits of successful cross-selling are clear: added value to clients, increased client loyalty, ability to sell in both mature and consolidating markets, added practices to your firm, and, of course, increased profits.

Final Accounting: Ambition, Greed and the Fall of Arthur Andersen

The doomed accounting firm of Arthur Andersen emerges as a grown-up version of Lord of the Flies in this fascinating insider exposé. Toffler, a Columbia Business School professor and an expert on management ethics, provides an engrossing history of the accounting firm, from its early days as an icon of financial probity to its demise after a drumroll of accounting scandals culminating in the Enron and WorldCom bankruptcies.

Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports

Inflated profits . . . Suspicious write-offs . . . Shifted expenses . . . These and other dubious financial maneuvers have taken on a contemporary twist as companies pull out the stops in seeking to satisfy Wall Street. Financial Shenanigans pulls back the curtain on the current climate of accounting fraud. It presents tools that anyone who is potentially affected by misleading business valuations from investors and lenders to managers and auditors can use to research and read financial reports, and to identify early warning signs of a company's problems.

The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices

To hide falling profits, some managers ply the flexibility found in accounting principles to alter their financial reports. Others go further and use fraud in their deception. It is vitally important that investors, analysts, and other users of financial statements detect these creative accounting practices as early as possible in order to avoid negative earnings surprises and potential share-price declines. The Financial Numbers Game identifies the steps businesses may take to misstate financial performance and helps its readers to identify those situations where reported results may not be what they seem.

The Firm of the Future: A Guide for Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professional Services

"Paul Dunn and Ron Baker have done it again. Living up to their reputation for challenging conventional wisdom, Dunn and Baker present a new paradigm for the professions to understand the dynamic forces at play in the professional practice of the twenty-first century. The Firm of the Future is a brilliant work that adds a new dimension to the old formula for success in a professional service firm.

First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals

Competently managing a group of peers is unquestionably among the most difficult of workplace tasks, but key steps that produce success are laid out so clearly by consultants Patrick J. McKenna and David H. Maister in First Among Equals that even those who completely lack experience should find the process feasible and effective.

The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable

Imagine running into the ultimate management mentor late one night on an otherwise deserted commuter train, and walking away from the strange encounter with an encapsulated guide to success in the corporate world. That's exactly what screenwriter and business coach Patrick Lencioni has done in The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable, placing his tale in an easy-reading and thought- provoking kind of self-help novel. Very simplified, the temptations are putting self first, wanting to be liked rather than to lead, making decisions reluctantly, elevating harmony above productive argument, and not trusting subordinates. The author's discussions at the end of the story help clarify the main points, and the narration is nicely done by Boyd Gaines.

How to Maximize Fees in Professional Service Firms

Weiss's book is wonderful. It's brimming with 1-3 page thought pieces about techniques and basic premises of professional service billing. From a consultant's perspective, the book look's like it would apply to almost any profession. When reading this, it's important to realize that Weiss is a strong believer in fixed price services (as compared to pure time and materials with less structured deliverables).

The I Hate Selling Book: Business-Building Advice for Consultants, Accountants and Other Professionals

Designed for the many consultants and service professionals who can't stand selling, this guide supplies a step-by-step proven approach for maintaining and growing a business--even after raising fees. Allan Boress, a nationally-known speaker and business development expert, shows how to listen to potential clients, ask questions, evaluate answers, avoid fatal mistakes, and maintain contact and control in the sales situation.

Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty

Sobel, a consultant, offers his approach to developing optimum client relationships with advice on how to break into a client's inner circle by becoming a trusted advisor. We learn that a rainmaker is one who snags big clients and closes big deals with skills to build deep client relationships for the long term by consistently adding value. Using stories, diagrams, and valuable insight, the author provides suggestions for becoming a trusted advisor, an intellectual partner, and hence a rainmaker.

Managing the Professional Service Firm

David Maister explores issues ranging from marketing and business development to multinational strategies, human resources policies to profit improvement, strategic planning to effective leadership. While these issues can be complex, Maister simplifies them by recognizing that "every professional service firm in the world, regardless of size, specific profession, or country of operation, has the same mission statement: outstanding service to clients, satisfying careers for its people, and financial success for its owners."

The Power of Focus

Whether they are corporate professionals, budding entrepreneurs, or they own a home business, most people are looking to achieve more in less time, while earning enough money to live comfortably. This book reveals the proven techniques thousands of people have used to attain all of the money they wanted while living healthy, happy and balanced lives. The Power of Focus, the new blockbuster from the coauthors of the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul, is a practical no-nonsense guide that shows readers how to reach their business, personal and financial goals without getting burned out in the process.

Rain Making: The Professional's Guide to Attracting New Clients

Successful rainmakers have a system to assure a continuing flow of new contacts which eventually results in new business. There are as many differences as similarities in the specifics of their systems, but all have an "engine" to keep the process working. The most successful systems fit the unique requirements of the rainmaker's market and the characteristics and personalities of the firm. Building a rainmaking system is like investing at compound interest -- success takes time, but eventually it builds on itself.

Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Practical Secrets of History's Greatest Speakers

Ever wish you could captivate your boardroom with the opening line of your presentation, like Winston Churchill in his most memorable speeches? Or want to command attention by looming larger than life before your audience, much like Abraham Lincoln when, standing erect and wearing a top hat, he towered over seven feet? Now, you can master presentation skills, wow your audience, and shoot up the corporate ladder by unlocking the secrets of history's greatest speakers. Author, historian, and world-renowned speaker James C. Humes-who wrote speeches for five American presidents-shows you how great leaders through the ages used simple yet incredibly effective tricks to speak, persuade, and win throngs of fans and followers.

What Clients Love: A Field Guide to Growing Your Business

The author of Selling the Invisible tries to top that book's best selling success with this breezy collection of one- to two-page friendly lecturettes on how to keep your business profitable. He might just do so, as it's difficult to imagine a book better suited in format to harried executives: they could gulp down the entire volume over the course of a single flight. Beckwith has somehow also managed to take a format where so many authors have tried and failed, and written a useful, direct and even at times inspiring book.

Value-Based Fees: How to Charge and Get What You're Worth

Value-Based Fees shows consultants how to easily and adroitly educate clients about value determining worth and consequent investment. Unlike the contingency fees of attorneys, Weiss explains, his technique is about establishing a win-win dynamic with clients, while accommodating buyers' egos that "you get what you pay for." Value-Based Fees clearly explains how to charge for your value--and get--what you're worth, providing the kind of non-theoretical, pragmatic advice that will help to improve any consultant's practice immediately.

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