Tips on How Accountants Can Banish Clutter

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Jeff Davidson
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Being organized is undoubtedly one of your strengths – otherwise, why would you enter this profession? In the life of an accountant, three of the biggest culprits to staying organized, when you are striving to do so, include junk mail, mismanaged reading, and other people’s clutter.

Eliminating Junk Mail
Even with the wondrous web, paper still plagues us all. Books on time management traditionally discuss how often to handle a piece of paper. Some say once; some say twice. It always depends on what the paper says. The ideal number of times to handle most pieces of paper is zero, by not receiving them in the first place!

When you make a purchase by web or by mail, your name can be sold and circulated to dozens of catalog houses. Even your state’s department of motor vehicles sells its list of licensed drivers to anyone with money.

In an era when each piece of hardcopy mail adds to environmental glut, it’s your civic duty, as well as an effective technique for achieving breathing space, to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. To trace who is selling your name, when you make a mail-

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