The One Thing You Cannot do Without: Client Testimonials

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One of the most underutilized, yet effective, marketing tools for CPA practices is the social proof from clients that you have worked with, a.k.a TESTIMONIALS.

If you look anywhere, you can see the persuasive power of testimonials.

Let’s say you order a book on Amazon, and you read the reviews to see what other people thought of it. If you are purchasing a software product online, you take a gander at the experience of those who have already purchased it and how it has worked for them.

Just yesterday, my office manager was creating a list of potential restaurants for my firm’s annual holiday dinner. She made a list and sent it to the office for general feedback. But what made her final decision were the reviews from the previous restaurant goers.

The reviews that helped her make a decision didn’t just touch on the quality of food. It was the review that testified to the caliber of customer service, the one that explained how the waiters went above and beyond to fulfill their requests. It was the review that made that restaurant different. (It also helped that the restaurant had almost double the number of reviews than many of the others.)

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About Salim Omar

salim omar

Salim Omar is the author of The Million Dollar CPA Firm. He is also a successful business owner of Straight Talk CPAs, an accounting firm, and President of CPA Marketing Genius. He has a passion for helping CPAs engage in personal growth and professional development. While he is not working he enjoys trying an eclectic fare from an Indian restaurant or catching up on some reading on the Florida coast. 


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Nov 6th 2017 12:26

Good post!
Thank you for sharing.
But I have a question. What can I do, If clients don't want write a testimonials?
I represent a writing services. Testimonials are very important for us, but people afraid to give information about yourself. Every bit of information we get from our clients is kept absolutely confidential. We have made significant investments to ensure our online security as well. Our policy is to not reveal any private information.

We suggest leaving reviews under pseudonyms. But clients do not want writing testimonials.
Do you have some ideas about this situation?

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