The Journey Toward Being a Connected Advisor

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If you are like most traditional accountants and bookkeepers, you love working on the numbers, from financial statements to bank reconciliations. But this is no longer enough.

Today’s tech savvy business owners want financial statements yesterday. They are hungry for information and advice regarding their business, but often, they don’t know what to ask for.

The business owners I work with, for example, start with a dream to pursue their passion, the thing they love and want to share with the world. Keeping their books up to date or performing compliance tasks like payroll and filing taxes are rarely part of that dream.

Many business owners don’t even know which tasks they need to perform. This is where the modern accounting professional comes in.

You have the knowledge and tools to use automation, keeping their books current up to the minute. But even you, with your business knowledge and compliance superpowers need to do more. You have to communicate these requirements, functions, and their resulting data to your clients.

Unless you do this successfully, clients will never understand your value, appreciate or value all that you do. As such, you need to become your clients’ connected advisor.

The Perception Gap

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About Jay Kimelman

Jay Kimelman

Jay Kimelman, CPA, CITP, is founder and chief information officer of the digital CPA. The business focuses on delivering accounting services, solutions, and innovations to the SMB community, specializing in Xero,  cloud systems integration, reporting, tax and SMB advisory services.


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