The Internal Value of Consultative Services

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Like many accounting professionals, I was once stuck in the traditional model of public accounting work that is limited by vision for change and opportunity and commitment to change. Then I got a wake-up call.

It came when I sat down with my business partner and started to look at what we did for our clients. What I didn’t realize at the time was that, although we were drafting a game plan for more growth and revenue for the firm, what was happening for me was a rebirth of joy in my work.

I can very distinctly remember getting a feeling when I used to wake in the morning that I would be just trudging through my day without much excitement in what I was doing throughout the day. There was a heaviness to that drive to work thinking about the deadlines and tasks that I was going to walk myself through.

It would slap me in the face when I walked through the door and hit me somewhere else as I left for the evening. I would distract myself through the day with the shiny objects around me but was left with a void of accomplishment even though I was getting “a lot” done.

In our practice, we were stuck without a plan to expand beyond our current service offerings and, more importantly, interact more with our clients. A vision of change needed to happen to get back to having fun conversations with our clients.

I didn't want to get on the phone for those highly reactive and traditional tasks like completing a tax return or getting a financial statement out. But to shift to the proactive side of the business and, therefore, a much more satisfying result, we identified two areas we needed to improve on.

An Action for the Plan

Firstly, because we genuinely care about the well-being of our clients, we identified client loyalty as one of these areas. Secondly, we wanted to ensure we were one of our clients’ most essential and trusted advisors.

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About David Emmerman

David Emmerman

David Emmerman is a partner in Emmerman, Boyle & Associates and a Xero Ambassador. For the past 15 years, David has had a passion for working with his small business clients and his team to develop a best-in-class accounting experience. 


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