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Using tools to manage accounting practice

Take the Realities of Practice Management Survey


What does practice management mean to you? Take the survey and help us discover how practice management software is used and what could be better.

Mar 5th 2020
Editorial Manager/US Team Lead
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For accountants, practice management has always been a very individual thing. It depends on firm size, client base and a myriad of other factors that, when they are not properly addressed by sofware or other means, often result in inefficiencies, poor or misuse of software and irregular communication among staff and clients.

For these reasons, AccountingWEB is launching a content effort called The Realities of Practice Management, beginning with this survey.

Following on from previous years where we've delved deeply into the 'The Realities of the Automated Practice,' in 2020 we're changing the direction and looking at the evolving world of Practice Management.

Over the course of this year we're going to be addressing a number of questions from the point of view of smaller CPA or bookkeeping firm owners and managers, including:

  1. What is Practice Management anyway?  The term seems to mean many different things to many different people.  Is it for managing your workflow or managing your clients?  We will be providing a framework to help us build a shared vocabulary around the subject
  2. Do I need Practice Management?  However you describe it many firms get along just fine with a spreadsheet and some shared folders.  We'll be looking at when this works and when it doesn't
  3. What's going to work for me?  As the range of activities firms are engaged in and the number of strategies used to manage them mushroom, so has the range of technology solutions available.  We will be providing a framework for firms to understand how their internal strategies for growth need to be aligned to the practice management tools being used.  Are they measuring the right metrics? Are the right people using the right tools in the right way?  

We'll also be evaluating a range of commonly used solutions to provide context of what kind of broad strategies each one best supports. You will also see:

  • a series of articles around the topic
  • webinars
  • a Free, downloadable guide written by accounting profession thought leader and K2 Enterprises shareholder Randy Johnston

But in order to make the 'Realities of Practice Management' a reality we need your help. We're looking to understand what solutions firms are currently using, who uses them, what they're using them for and how effective they are proving to be.

Please take part in this short (we promise) survey and share your experience. There's a $250 gift card prize draw for anyone taking part. Thank you in advance for your participation and keep your eyes open for more on this content series!

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