Support Your Clients: Nominate Them for Local Awards!

Dec 15th 2014
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Many firms are just too busy to think about this, but we have noticed that our clients and colleagues are very appreciative of being nominated for local awards when they are an appropriate candidate.  Most metropolitan areas have a business journal that hosts events that include “Company of the Year,” ”Family Business of the Year” or “CEO of the Year” along with “Top 50 Women in Business” and other similar recognitions that you can leverage on behalf of your clients.

There are several advantages you may enjoy when you take on this task. The first and most obvious is that you have the opportunity to interact with a client, learn more about their story, talk to them on a different level than you might otherwise do, and ultimately have the chance to turn the spotlight on them.

The next advantage is that because you know more about them as a result of the interview, you can interact with them more effectively as a trusted advisor. The additional insights about their goals and dreams that you gain during the interview process as your prepare the nomination form can serve you both well going forward.

Thirdly, whether they win the award or not, they will have a new perspective on how much you value them.

In every instance, this can be a mutually beneficial situation for everyone, including the organization hosting the awards--which will most likely be very appreciative of your willingness to take the time to nominate a candidate.  All too often I have sat on committees where we are honoring local success stories, but few want to take the time to submit the narrative. When you step up, it is noticed! 

So in the holiday spirit, this is an excellent time to consider how you can highlight your clients and help them gain some much deserved recognition as you thank them for their loyalty and support of your firm!

About the author:
Sally Glick is CMO and principal of Sobel & Co. LLC. She was named Accounting Marketer of the Year for 2003 and was voted into the AAM Hall of Fame in 2007. She can be reached at [email protected].