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Set Boundaries and Timelines Before Tax Season


When accountants and tax pros accept all client demands and fail to establish clear boundaries, they risk taking on more work than they can handle and typically at low pay. And during a crazy tax season, it’s far too easy to run yourself ragged and neglect your own needs.

Jun 6th 2022
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Tax season demands so much of us, how are we supposed to set boundaries with ourselves and our clients so they respect our time?

When you work too much, you actually reduce your productivity. This results in working longer hours, building up more stress, and feeling resentment towards the work that you do.

As many of us know, stress and worry lead to chronic health conditions, strained relationships with loved ones, and unrelenting regret. And it isn’t how you should end up living. The great news here is that you can completely transform your life and your firm by implementing clear boundaries – but there are three conditions for that to happen.

1. Survival Mindset

First we must start moving from a survival mindset to a growth mindset. When you’re in the thick of a challenging time, use that frustration as motivation to take control of your boundaries. A boundary is the deadline you set, for example, when documents need to be uploaded to your servers by a certain day.

Establishing boundaries and enforcing them allows you to stick to a manageable timeline during a chaotic tax season, allowing you to stay afloat in your work. It’s when we neglect our boundaries and don’t enforce them that trouble arises.

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