QuickBooks Tutorial 1-4: Delete an Account

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Step 1: Choose the Account to Delete
You can only delete accounts that have a zero balance and that have never been used in any transactions, and accounts that have not been set up to receive information from payroll transactions. Click the Account button in the Chart of Accounts window and choose Delete.

Step 2: Verify Your Choice to Delete
Verify that you want to delete this account by clicking OK. If you decide you don't want to delete this account, click Cancel.

Step 3: Oops! You Can't Delete This Account
Some accounts cannot be deleted. If you see this message you will not be permitted to remove the account. Click OK to return to your Chart of Accounts window.

Step 4: Make Another Choice
If QuickBooks won't let you delete an account, consider the alternatives of making an account inactive or merging an account. These options are covered in other tutorials in this section.

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