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Payroll Services: Come On In, the Water’s Fine

May 26th 2015
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Are you one of those accountants who has deliberately pulled away from payroll services and leave clients to fend for themselves? You are not alone.

According to payroll service provider myPay Solutions roughly a third of practitioners adopt this stance. The other two-thirds split roughly between those who take care of client payroll themselves, and those who work alongside external suppliers.

There is no “right” answer to whether or not you should offer payroll services to your clients, but AccountingWEB has joined forces with myPay Solutions to explore how different accounting firms deal with the task.

Brian Keyes of myPay Solutions explains that April and May are the peak shopping season for payroll services as tax preparers react to busy season and look for ways they can relieve the pressure. To assist such reviews, we will publish a series of payroll guides in the coming weeks looking at the alternative approaches, how to price and market payroll services, and at some of the technical niggles that cause the most trouble.

Even if you're only indirectly involved in providing payroll services for your clients, you'll still need to know enough about payroll to be able to speak to them about common issues that may arise around labor costs, employee remuneration and the inevitable snags that crop up with income and business tax returns.

The first payroll services guide sponsored by myPay Solutions discusses the different approaches with experienced practitioners, including Blaine Hebert, partner and owner at Hebert, Carbo and Crutchfield, CPAs (HCC) in Alexandria, Louisiana.

According to Herbert, 75 percent of tax notices are payroll-related. “So it means accountants need to be on top of the process so that your relationship with the client remains strong,” he advises.

For more helpful advice from fellow professionals, download our introductory payroll services guide.