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Pathfinder Series Part 4 -- A Review

Oct 27th 2017
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In Part 4 of the Pathfinder series sponsored by Intuit, host Martin Bissett brought the team to the next great question facing their firms: ‘Where do we start in winning new fees?’

While many firms don’t know where to begin in addressing this question, Martin explained that the path to navigate this terrain was a fairly simple one.

After a poll was taken of the team’s greatest marketing challenges that they face, Martin outlined all major forms of marketing that accounting and bookkeeping firms employ and which have proven to be the most successful over the last decade.

From there Martin used that as a starting point for plotting a pathfinder strategy of how each team member could build their marketing efforts at low or no cost, to deliver grade A quality enquiries to their firms on a regular basis.

Martin outlined a 7 step strategy and presented it as an overview before drilling down into each section in detail to allow the team to build their own version of the strategy in real time.

One big myth that was comprehensively debunked during the session was that although resource may prevent you from marketing your firm and while know-how may be a challenge as well, TIME is not an acceptable excuse. Martin demonstrated that since we all have the exact same amount of time, it is the priority given to marketing rather than having the time to do it, that is the real issue.

The session was very lively from start to finish with delegates from the US, UK, Canada and South Africa all taking part and contributing to the learning value that was created by everyone involved.

On Halloween (Oct. 31), Martin will lead us on to the issue of ‘How a Firm Can Forecast Its New Business Income.’ There’s also still time to join Martin and play catch up on the sessions recorded to date.

Entry to the 2017 Practice Pathfinder program is now closed.  Martin will be appearing at QB Connect in San Jose for a final special edition session.  We will be reopening the program for 2018 enrollment in the spring.


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