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Pathfinder Series Part 3 -- A Review

Oct 4th 2017
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In the third session of the Pathfinder series, having covered both mindset, self-esteem and technology portfolio issues, Martin Bissett, turned everyone’s attention to the uphill stage of the course known as ‘Increasing Fees With Existing Clients.’

In order to navigate this climb successfully, Martin outlined a variety of routes ranging from ‘easy’ to ‘hard’ to ‘best’ that the group could take in order to reach their destination.

Once the group had decided which route was best suited for their ambitions, Martin delivered 20+ years of his experience of increasing fees with existing clients in the form of a ‘Top 10’ countdown of the most effective tips and tactics to ensure that the group see not only the maximum revenues, but also the maximum profitability while focusing on what the client would benefit from the most.

Amongst the Top 10 were signposts like Number 9: Understand your client’s business and put yourself in their shoes to understand what THEY’D welcome a conversation on regarding additional services.

Number 7: Make sure you get a MEETING if you want to introduce new service lines.

And Number 6: Know the difference between ‘selling’ services to a client and ‘attracting’ a client towards a value proposition.

The Top 5 caused significant interest among the group with various process visuals employed to increase their understanding of how they could implement these recommendations quickly and easily.

Martin then closed the session with the ‘next steps’ and looked ahead to advancing ever nearer the summit with the next session called: ‘Where to Start in Winning New Fees.’

You can join the Pathfinder program LIVE as well as reviewing the previous sessions.

Entry to the 2017 Practice Pathfinder program is now closed.  Martin will be appearing at QB Connect in San Jose for a final special edition session.  We will be reopening the program for 2018 enrollment in the spring.


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