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Two new resources are available for auditors. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) recently introduced a self-study course on Auditor's Risk Assessment Process, and Protiviti, a leading independent internal audit and risk consulting firm, has released its latest publication Internal Auditing Around the World: Profiles of Internal Audit Functions at Leading International Companies (Volume 2).

The AICPA's Auditor's Risk Assessment Process is the latest tool available from the AICPA to help auditors understand and implement the procedures now required to respond to assessed risks. Certified public accountants (CPAs) seeking guidance on applying the new risk assessment standards can also earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits, 14 CPE credits for completion of the DVD/Manual format and 12 CPE credits for the traditional text format. The new course is also ideal for on-site staff training, as well as individual self-study. Other resources for auditors available from the AICPA include the recently published Audit Risk alert – Understanding the New Auditing Standards Related to Risk Assessment, which highlights key issues, areas of concern, and helps identify differences between the new audit approach and the current audit approach. A new Auditing and Accounting Guide will become available this fall.

Internal Auditing Around the World: Profiles of Internal Audit Functions at Leading International Companies (Volume 2), from Protiviti, Inc., details internal audit best practices, processes and strategies being employed at successful businesses operating worldwide and representing a broad range of industries. Each of the 14 profiles describes the successes, challenges and lessons learned from various internal audit teams within these companies as they work to assist management and the audit committee to address financial reporting, regulatory compliance and numerous other process risks.

“Today, effective internal auditing is more essential to the international business community than any other time in history,” said Bob Hirth, managing director of Protiviti and leader of the firm's internal audit practice in a prepared statement. “We hope this book will be a valuable resource for members of the internal audit profession as well as those who have not yet joined. We also believe this publication will be of interest to stakeholders including audit committees, boards of directors, chief executive officers (CEOs), chief financial officers (CFOs) and other executives and professionals.”

Product details:
Auditor's Risk Assessment Process: Tackling the New Risk Assessment SASs.
Prerequisite: None. Level: Basic. Recommended CPE Credit: Text, 12; DVD/Manual, 14. Formats and Price: Text, No. 732990, $145 member/$181.25 nonmember; DVD/Manual (120-min. video), No. 182990, $185.00 member/$231.25 nonmember

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To request a complimentary copy of Internal Auditing Around the World (Volume 2), contact the Protiviti office nearest you by calling 888.556.7420.
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