New Designation Recognized for Information System Audit Specialty

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The 75,000-member Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) has announced that it has brokered an exclusive arrangement with the 21,000-member Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to offer Chartered Accountants an accredited specialist designation as Certified Information Systems Auditors.

The new designation, CA·CISA, will allow CA's who have registered with their provincial institutes to be recognized as specialists in this very specialized field. (Note: In Québec, government regulations prohibit professionals from describing themselves as specialists.)

"The CA·CISA is intended to provide CAs with enhanced credibility with internal management, IT management, and clients. In addition, it will no doubt offer registrants a competitive advantage over others who have not earned the specialization," says Tom Chambers, head of the National Specialization Council for the CICA.

It is hoped that this partnership between the two national associations will assist corporations throughout Canada who are searching for professionals who specialize in the area of IT audit, control and security practices.

To learn more about the designation, contact Peter McLean at the CICA.

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