Marcum & Kliegman Achieves Largest Net Revenue Audited Gain

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Marcum & Kliegman has achieved the largest net revenue audited gain for the first half of 2005 among non-national accounting firms, according to the Public Accounting Report. Since January of this year, Marcum & Kliegman has secured new clients with revenues of $1.335 billion, outperforming nearly every firm, including three of the Big Four.

“Marcum & Kliegman possesses the unique skill set needed to effectively service public clients by focusing on high level service coupled with the technical expertise historically found only at the national and international firms,” says David Bukzin, CPA, a partner at Marcum & Kliegman. “This business model has allowed us to become one of the most successful and fastest growing accounting firms in the industry.”

Marcum & Kliegman is among the group of registered accounting firms qualified to audit publicly held companies and approved by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). The firm has continued adding to their client list, improving both quality and size of client firms since receiving the PCAOB designation in November 2003 until it is has grown to be one of the largest non-national accounting firms auditing publicly traded companies.

The firm has quickly become a preferred independent accountant for companies that are either publicly traded or planning to become publicly traded. Marcum & Kliegman's nationwide success demonstrates the firm's Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) expertise and long-term commitment to servicing publicly traded companies as their independent auditors.

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